Static nat and arp requests

  • i have a client that i am handing off a portion of my network to, to send print jobs to their private network.

    i am handing off a 10.1.1.x /24 interface and an ip for them to static nat a printer.

    they have pfsense running.

    we can see the their dmz interface address.  but we cannot communicate with the printer at unless they run a job that generates a gratuitous arp request.

    they have a static nat set up on the pfsense server.. internally, to our

    how do we get their pfsense server to respond to ping requests without having to run that gARP job.

    our print system will ping out to verify the printer is there.  without the gARP job, the printer address doesn't respond.  when the periodically run the gARP job, we can hit the printer.

    does someone know if there is a config that we need to do to get this to work without tweeks.


  • use IP alias VIP instead maybe? Sounds like you're using proxy ARP, though that should work fine too.

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