Pppoe wan interface as well as a ppp 3g wan interface

  • Is anyone else running pfsense 2.0 with two WAN interfaces, one with pppoe ( adsl bridged modem ) and a 2nd 3g/usb wireless ( huawei e220 ) with ppp?

    I have had ongoing issues with getting this to work.
    One issue  ( mentioned in another post ) is my 3g provider requiring pap only.

    The other is the if the initial ppp connection fails ( in my case due to the pap issue ) the pppoe connection will retry as needed to reconnect but the ppp connection never retries after the initial failure.
    Also once this has happened I can unplug the usb modem and reconenct it, the system log shows it has been disconnected and reconnected but the ppp log doesn't show any attempts at reconnection.

    I'm still fault finding this and will post up logs once I've done some more investigation.
    I'd like some pointers to possible places to look ( more advanced debug logging, scripts, useful functions to call )so I can investigate this.

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