Help a newb out!

  • Ok well i got pf sence up and running but i have a prob. ok heres how i would like to setup my home network. i have verizon fios running a cat5e to my linksys modem, that i use for my parents computers, i would like to be able to run another cat 5 to my pfsence box, then route the internet to two other computers. i have a cat5 cable plugged in to my linksys router and my pfsence computer, and i have set that up as WAN. the LAN part is where it get tricky. i plug a cable from one of the two computers (they are on of course) into one of the other 4 nic cards, and it isnt dected. do i need a crossover cable for this?

  • nvm… a crossover cable is what i needed... another question though. when tranfering a file from say a computer thats on my linksys to my pfsense box then to a computer connected on the pfsense box i get a REALLY high cpu usage... like 50% cpu usage for just a simple file transfer @ 100mbps connection...

  • What are the specs of your box? 50% CPU for pushing 100 Mb likely isn't high at all, depending on the CPU and NIC's in your firewall.

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