Static ip dns problem..

  • Dear all, i have two internet connection one is via dsl and another one via vsat.

    The dsl router is assigning ip automatically via dhcp

    The vsat is a static ip, i am inputting the static ip and gateway in the interface assign but i have no idea where to input the dns servers…

    Any suggestions? I tried searching before posting but i found some solutions that didnt work,,,

    Thank you in advance!

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you have finished the setup and can access the webGUI then it's in System: General Setup: DNS Servers.


  • I tried doing that but didnt work, i have two empty input dialog boxes what dns do i input? One for each? Or i put both of the vsat? And do i tick the option below or no? Thanks

  • Netgate Administrator

    Slightly complicated by having one static and one dynamic.
    Personally I have two dymanic WANs but I have chosen to use Google's DNS servers instead of my ISPs. So I have the two DNS servers entered with one on each WAN gateway (you must have at least one on each if you doing failover) and unchecked the dynamic overide box.


    I figure Google already knows everything about me anyway!  ::)

  • Hehehe thats true i think google knows pretty much about you!

    Well then ill try to input 1 dns for each since i am doing failover .. Thak u will keep u updated…

    But the thing is that i have done it before and it was working with static ip but i cant remember how! And cant find the backup file! Must ask google where i put it maybe :)

  • Backup config.xml are allways in Directory




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