Replaced my failover and…

  • Hey guys,

    I configured me a new primary pfsense box for CARP failover setup, I used it along side a temp box (all in a test lab) for initial setting up and familiarization.  It was working like a charm, couldn't ask for a better result.  So I moved it into production this night and then changed the backup box to one that is the exact same hardware as the main.  The problem now is that when I go to click "enable carp" in the Status > Carp option (on the backup box), it pops up the red box saying "! CARP has been enabled", but it doesn't list the CARP Interfaces, VIPS, etc.  The button still says "enable carp", so I'm like, huh?  Also, nothing has synced, so I wonder if its still somehow looking for the old backup CARP?  Maybe CARP is dead on this box?  I have no clue.  If nobody knows of any simple solution, I will just blow away the backup box and start from scratch, it's not that hard or even very time consuming, but if I don't have to….  ;)

    P.S. I think I've fallen in love with pFsense....  You know that song "If I had a million dollars"?  Well, if I had a million dollars, I would give AT LEAST half to my good pFsense buddies ;D

  • I would go for a reinstall. Once the basic network is setup you can shoot over most of the settings with sync from the master.

    …oh, and thanks for loving pfSense  :D

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