• hi ALL,

    Cisco switch 2900XL      (TRUNK)                  PFSENSE
    –--------------------    VLAN ROUTING    ------------
    |VLAN1|VLAN2|VLAN3| <=============> | Pfsense |
    ---------------------                              ------------

    The Pfsense no have more information regarding the VLAN TAG802.1Q? How the PFsense VLAN TAG802.1Q work? Because it no have any example or information about pfsense VLAN success trunk.

    Actually we want VLAN 1 can talk with VLAN 2 and VLAN3 with trunk. We already configure the cisco with native trunk(the reason is the pfsense and cisco cannot recognize each tag).

  • Make sure you're using 802.1q (dot1q in IOS) encapsulation, and enable trunking on pfsense's port. Then setup an interface in the webGUI for each VLAN ID. Don't use VLAN 1, you should never use the default VLAN for anything for security reasons.

  • ok..thank for help..now i no set the VLAN 1(pfsense ) and the cisco (still maintain same VLAN 1) for trunk and straight ok ..thanks a lot..

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