New 2.0.1 install not passing traffic

  • Installed pfSense 2.0.1 to replace an IPCop firewall.  The new pfSense is not passing any traffic to the Internet.  The LAN interface has the default rule of allowing LANnet to any.  There are no WAN rules for inbound traffic.  Yet.  Want to get traffic moving first.

    LAN    Netmask /24
    WAN  xxx.yyy.28.50  Netmask /29

    Default Gateway

    DSL modem

    We can ping the WAN interface on pfSense, xxx.yyy.28.50, but we can not reach the DLS modem at xxx.yyy.28.49 or beyond.

    IPCop works with this IP configuration.

    We configrud a laptop with the WAN IP xxx.yyy.28.50 and the default gateway xxx.yyy.28.49 and it could reach the Internet just fine.  This points to pfSense.  But I can not see what were are missing.  We have power cycled the DSL modem to clear its arp table.

    I have several pfSense 1.2.3 installs in production so I am not completely new to pfSense. Is there something different about pfSense 2.0.1 that I am missing?

  • Hi!

    What does firewall log say?
    Any blocks there?
    Have you configured FW rules?


  • The only rule is on LAN.  No WAN rules.

    Default allow LAN to any rule

    The logs show the traffic blocked.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Have you unchecked the 'block private networks' and 'block bogon networks' from the WAN interface?
    I can't tell if you're using private IPs or not.


  • Sounds like possibly a couple things - one your modem's ARP cache must have some other device in it since you have no IP connectivity, power cycle it. If you still have the IPcop box plugged in, you can't, it'd create an IP conflict. Once you have IP connectivity, if DNS doesn't work you didn't mention configuring DNS (System>General Setup).

  • @KayZee:

    We can ping the WAN interface on pfSense, xxx.yyy.28.50, but we can not reach the DLS modem at xxx.yyy.28.49 or beyond.

    Do you get a response to a ping from pfSense to the modem?

    "Can not reach the DSL modem" from where? If from a computer on the pfSense LAN interface, does that computer have the correct default gateway (pfSense LAN interface IP address)? What is reported on that access attempt?


    The logs show the traffic blocked.

    Traffic on what interface? And what sort of traffic? Please post an extract, masking your public IP address if you wish.

  • experiencing this too.

  • More information would be helpful. The questions in reply 5 still apply.

  • lan subnet = 192.168.10.x

    wan ip = 122.52.x.x

    pfsense is fresh installed.  from pfsense i can ping the LAN stations and Internet.

    did not touch any default settings yet.  I pressume, default settings will allow allow LAN stations to access internet.

    from LAN stations, can only ping LAN ip address of Pfsense server.


  • it just ran after installing to hard drive.

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