Extract logs by mounting on another linux box

  • HI All.

    I've got a pfsense v2 nano install, which is lasting a few days and then dying mysteriously, I remove the CF disc write back the image, reload the config and its back online for another few days.

    When it dies it enteres a loop of wanting to constantly reboot, check its filingsystem etc..

    I'm wondering if the Cf disk is coming to the end of its life or maybe someone is messing about with it?

    There are more than enough admins on the site where this box is installed and anyone of them could be messing with it, I've swapped the CF disk now to a brand new one so if its the CF disk then it should be solved, but I'd like to be able to mount the old one soas to look at the logs if thats achievable ?

    its a ufs fileing system ? - anyone tried to mount a cf disk on another linux box ? - I've got both ubunto and slackware, both see the cf card and its partitions but I've not been able to spend enough time just yet working out the entire mount command needed.. anyone?


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    All the logging on Nano install is to RAM disk only in order to avoid killing your CF card.
    If you need persistent or extensive logging you need to do via a syslog server:


  • @skipzoid:

    its a ufs fileing system ? - anyone tried to mount a cf disk on another linux box ?

    You should try mounting it on a pfSense or FreeBSD box. The FreeBSD file system is not the same as any of the regular linux file systems.

    However, as steve wrote, you are unlikely to find anything interesting logged there.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    This is becomming a real pain, its lasting around 24 hours before it stops functioning. A reboot shows a dirty filing system which fsck tries to repair and fails and the machine then fails to boot. Reflashing and reloading the config brings it all back online.

    I'm at a bit of a loss for the moment.

    To speed up the resetting up of it, is there an elegant way to create an image of the working setup which can be put back , saving the setup process/config reloading etc..

    I guess using dd or something like that ?

  • Just use the UI to take a backup of the config and then restore it later.

    It sounds like you have a hardware fault. It could be the CF card or something else (such as the motherboard).

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    Even if you could copy the log files to Linux, you'd be missing the "clog" binary to read them. Setting up a syslog server on your LAN is a good idea, so the logs are automatically copied over the network as they happen in a standard format.

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