SquidGuard blacklist not showing

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    New install . Downloaded the blacklist from shallalist All appears to download and go through installation without any errors…
    After clicking on SAVE & APPLY I never see any list to select allow.deny,etc.

    Also,,on the blaclist tab the lof box,,,constantlly 'blinks'. Is this to be expected? It is not a big deal,,but I wonder if this indicates underlying problems?
    What am I missing?

    I have run pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE for 2 years now,,so i am familair with the downloading routine for pfsense.

    Thank You,

  • What happens when you click on 'click here' at general acl?

  • marcelloc,

    squid - 2.7.8_1
    squidGuard 1.4.3 v 1.9 # just updated.

    thanks you for the feedback.
    i have uninstalled squidGuard several times now. I have finally gotten the blacklist entries to show up under Common ACL tab now. I manually deleted leftover squidGuard configs after uninstaller squidGuard which seemed to allow squidGaurd to 'find' the blacklist.files entry.
    Problem now. When I click on SAVE & Apply in SG  to activate SG ,squid dies.

    the squidGuard squidgaurd_conf.xml shows,,,but,,, squidGuard.conf files never shows the actual blacklist files. This does not seem correct with another working pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE box at school

    I have updated ( just today) this pfSense-1.2.3-RELASE to squidGuard 1.4.3 v 1.9.
    The other working box is on one version older squidGuard so possibly the  xml parsing is different.
    this box is also still running the squid 2.7.8_1 FYI,,,for completeness to this post.
    I have been fighting this for two days now.
    This is a production pfSense box so would like to get filtering working again,,,needless to say!

    The error thrown when squid dies after enabling squidGuard is simply "squid has too many child processes" ?

    Could someone here possibly post their squidGaurd.conf file that runs SG-1.4.3  with shallalist blacklist so I can see what the file should somehat look like?

    Thank you,

  • same here the same issue….....please we need it because it is a production box.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Unless the Blacklist download/apply on the Blacklist tab completes, those items won't show up. If that doesn't work, try another browser (IE is bad, use FF/Chrome).

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