QOS qwanRoot & transfers between DMZ-LAN

  • Good day all, I have QOS setup successfully on my network, my VOIP always has enough bandwidth no matter what else is occurring on the network.
    To get this to work, my qwanRoot is set to 10Mb (that is my d-load speed from my ISP).
    My setup is this: 3 interfaces (WAN, LAN, DMZ), with Gb switches, and nics.
    My problem occurs when it's time to transfer files to/from LAN/DMZ. What is happening is the qwanRoot setting is limiting the traffic to 10Mb between these interfaces. To avoid this, I go in, change the setting of qwanRoot to 1Gb, perform the files transfers, then go back to qwanRoot, and reset it to 10Mb.
    Is there something I can do within pfsense to allow traffic between DMZ/LAN to be a constant 1Gb without affecting the QOS from WAN?
    Thanks in advance.

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