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  • Hello there,

    I'm using pfsense 2.0, been using pfsense since 1.x, I've used as a firewall/router and IPSec lately.
    I'm so satisfied with that, but now I'm having a problem with the following.
    I was testing the feasibility of using pfsense as a many ISP, I'm looking for the following features :

    • PPPOE Server

    • Bandwidth Limitation

    • Caching Web

    • Cashing youtube

    • Radius Authentication

    • Billing System

    • Monitor Clients

    • Disable/Enable Clients

    • Notifying clients to pay/fair usage

    Well these are the main points for now.
    I was able to get PPPOE server up and running but I face the limitation of the 254 client,
    when I try to add a secondary PPPOE server, the first and the second server stops working.
    I came to the conclusion although I didn't test that it only support 254/Ethernet knowing that
    I have used class B subnet.

    I messed with Limitation so far it worked, I'm not sure if I'll be facing problems in the future.

    I'm sure cashing will work, squid never failed me before.

    I'm testing radius right now.

    I'm not sure if there is anything specific to caching youtube (all ideas are welcome).

    Now my problem is with the rest of the list. Mostly the ability to control the clients.

    My alternative is Mikrotik // for router and
    dma radius manager billing system
    I haven't used any of these and I have no experience about them, but after some research
    and googling these where my only alternative that just work out of the box so far.

    note the dma have only captive portal support for pfsense but no pppoe, they support Mikrotik all the way.

    Now what I'm asking for is will pfsense satisfy my needs on this one or should I look for
    the alternative.

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    About this:

    I was able to get PPPOE server up and running but I face the limitation of the 254 client,

    Check this:,42039.0.html


    thanks for that.

    Regarding the other points would it be best if I used a secondary machine to handle
    Freeradius and daloradius as the AAA interface ?

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