Server Load Balancing (slbd) using 100% CPU

  • Hi,

    I've search through this forum for a similar problem but I've not found any clues.  ???

    My setup:
    pfSense upgraded to the latest snapshot (03-27-2007)
    Pentium 3 CPU 1.26 Ghz, 1 Go RAM
    3 NICs Intel Pro/1000
    I'm using load balanced Dual-WAN (followed the tutorial on wiki)

    My problem:
    It seems slbd running in 2 instances takes all CPU utilization.
    I can temporary solve the problem by killing those processes without affecting the load balancing functionality. But once I reboot pfSense, the problem reoccurs.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot in advance


  • Hi,

    I had a similar problem with pf in a VMWare Machine taking 100% CPU Time.

    I solved it by enabling device poling in the advanced setup and applying the changes describet here:

    Maybe this helps.


  • This should be fixed in 1.2-BETA-1 which will be out very soon.

  • I had high CPU problems when I stated using bandwidthd - it put my LAN connection into promiscuous mode, so it was seeing all the traffic on my LAN.

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