Help me setup 1 pfsense and 2 routers

  • so i have a problem with setting up this:

    1 pfsense - main from wan (
      first router wrt160nl (ddwrt) connected to pfsense (
      second router dir-300 (ddwrt) connected to wrt160nl (

    when i'am connected to wrt160nl i'am able to login to and but not to

    to be funny i think that when i'am connected to dir300 by wifi and lan internet works, and by lan directly to laptop i'am able to log on to

    is there something i need to setup in firewall options?
    when i switch them by sides dir-300 is ok but wrt160nl is not working so maybe there is something in pfsense that needs to be set?

  • How many interfaces do you have on pfsense?

  • I have 2 nics, 1 for wan and 1 for lan

    But the second router is connected to the first one

    From pfsense lan cabel goes to wan on firs router, from this routers lan patchcord goes to secon routers wan

  • Configure both Routers on the same network.

  • What do you mean by it?

    They are in the same subnet and in that second one gateway is set to previous

  • Internet –- pfsense ---- wrt160nl --- dir-300

    Is this your setup?

    try to configure this way:

    internet---- pfsense ( ----- wrt160n(
                          |-------------------------dri-300 (

    On wrt160n, connect dir-300 and pfsense on lan ports.
    If you have more devices to connect, assign wan port to lan o ddwrt.

    Also select only one device to be the dhcp server for network.

    Marcello Coutinho

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