Not sure what I'm doing wrong here!

  • Hey guys, I'll try and keep this fairly short. I feel like I've tried everything.

    Basically, I have two cable modems (two separate cable connections from same ISP) connected to a pfsense 2.0 box. I have a router between one of the cable modems to change the gateway IP. I have set up the group under routing to allow load balancing using Tier 1 for both (as per various guides I've read on setting this up).

    I then created a new firewall rule under LAN to allow the load balancing, action is set to Pass, protocol set to any, source = lan subnet, destination = any, and under advanced > gateway I have selected the loadbalance group I created under system > routing.

    The problem is there is no load balancing going on whatsoever. I have monitored the traffic graphs and while there's small readings from the second WAN, it's 1-2kb at most. I am able to send all traffic through both WANs one at a time only by setting one or the other as the default gateway under system > routing.

    Anyone have any ideas? I feel like everything is set up properly, both WANs are up and active, I can ping everything no problem, but for whatever reason, I can't send traffic through both at the same time, however as mentioned earlier they each work individually if I change the default gateway on WAN1 or WAN2.

    Any suggestions would be great..I have spent many days trying to figure this out..  ???

  • what type of traffic are we talking about here ? bittorrent ? usenet ?

    consider disabling sticky connections.

  • thanks for the reply.  it's all types of traffic, regular surfing, torrent, upload etc. not familiar with sticky connections but I will look into that.

  • I ensured sticky connections were turned off, still having the same issue.

    The wierdest part (to me) is that both connections work fine, if I set WAN1 to default gateway, I browse no problem, and all traffic goes though WAN1. And vice versa, when I set WAN2 as default gateway, all traffic goes through WAN2 with no problem at all. So individually there doesn't seem to be a problem…

  • Just as an update (for anyone that cares :)) I managed to get this working. For some reason when I changed the tier from 1 to 2, rebooted PFsense, it was working perfectly, testing a few torrents right now the and bandwidth is split right in half between both WANs :)

    Persistance pays off I guess! Just when I was ready to throw in the towel.

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