New wrap board-44 pin hard drive option

  • Hi, will there be any modification needed to install on the new wrap board if the optional 44 pin hard drive connection is used instead of compact flash?
    Logging would be able to be stored on the hard drive (maybe not important).
    Thanks, Jeff

  • "Maybe" is the best we can say at this point. Once we have the hardware in hand we'll know for sure. There's a good chance that'll work, just like you can run full installs on an SFF IDE HD on a Soekris 4801.

  • More space for captive portal stuff (although I really don't know much about how the captive portal works)
    some form of N.A.S. right on the wrap board.
    ( haven't tried it yet (runs on actual i386 boards), but I will in the future)

  • Btw, there is already a freenas package in work for pfsense.

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