Noob vlan questions

  • So I never used vlans or anything before like that.
    I am just wondering, what is the point?
    Can't you just do the same thing with firewall rules?
    Like creating a new firewall rule that blocks traffic from say lan1 to lan2?

  • Think of a VLAN as a physical LAN without extra cable.
    So what you're saying is exactly right, create lan1 & lan2 using separate physical media or virtualize it. Then add firewall rules for connection, as traffic between separate lan:s need to go through a router.

    The benefits of VLAN:s are several, to mention a few:

    1. You don't have to get extra equipment for every lan - a vlan-capable switch can handle multiple lan:s.
    2. You can add clients to a specific vlan in several ways, for instance:
    • Ports 1-4 on switch are vlan2, ports 5,8 & 12 are vlan3 etc.
    • Create a vlan based on clients mac-adress
    1. You can have a VLAN with clients in Rome, New York, Berlin whereever

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