Multiple static WAN IP

  • Hey all, please may I request some help on what seems a rather trivial task!

    Currently running 2.0-release.
    One network attached to LAN
    WAN attached to a router running in bridge mode.

    I have 4 static IP's assigned by the ISP, we can use any of the four for the WAN IP address on the firewall (which is seen by external clients on our emails etc) but need to find the best way of setting up:

    specific internal IP 1 - static WAN IP 1
    specific internal IP 2 - static WAN IP 2
    specific internal IP 3 - static WAN IP 3
    All other network IP - static WAN IP 4

    So far I have assumed the best thing to do is set up the three other WAN IP's as virtual IP's and configure outbound NAT manually.
    Is this the best option? and how do I configure this correctly?

  • If you want to do port forwarding only, then you will have to use advanced outbound NAT to make sure that the correct internal address map to the correct external address. Normally inbound traffic will follow a state back out so it might not be necessary on every ip, but it will help with server generated traffic, like a mail server. If you are assigning one IP to one internal IP, then you can do 1 to 1 NAT and all ports will map to the internal IP and you only need to create firewall rules. You will not have to setup advanced outbound nat unless there are other reasons to do so.

  • Hi podilarius,

    Thanks for the info, I shall try it out over the next few days and let you know how I got on.

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