Building a custom kernel

  • Hi,

    I may have to build a custom kernel for 2.0.1 to work around some buggy hardware that I have (separate post). Can anyone point to (or provide) the kernel config file used by pfsense i386 and any patches or additions that should be applied to the standard 8.1 RELENG source?

    Many thanks!

  • Thanks very much for the link and I'm sorry to ask stupid questions:

    I found the patches but not the script to apply all of them. Also found this file, which looks like the config:

    pfsense-tools / builder_scripts / conf / pfSense.8

    …but I'm not sure if the config is split into several files as there are more files containing device and options lines. acpi is not included in that particular file so in that case it looks like the problem code is not compiled in but is a module after all. I did see the "device acpi" line in the pfsense_wrap.8.i386 file, but that's for embedded, right?

    Can someone quickly go through the procedure to patch the 8.1 generic source and apply the complete config before building?

    Many thanks

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