Multiwan setup - Failover & Status issues.

  • Hello, I am trying to setup a multiwan configuration for my pfsense 2.0.1 router. I have the following internet connections:

    • One cable connection from provider A (connected to em0)

    • One DSL connection from provider B (em1)

    • Another DSL connection from provider B (em2)

    • Lan interface (em3)

    I want the following setup:

    • The cable connection should be used

    • If the cable connection goes down, pfsense should do failover over the 2 DSL connections, aggregated in round robin

    This is how the interfaces are setup -

    I use PPPoE for both DSL connections - the cable connection get its IP via DHCP, the LAN is setup statically.
    All connections seem to be individually configured correctly - they all get IP adresses and are able to make traffic (the cable connection is currently down, as it is used on my other, old but live router)

    For those interfaces, I've defined gateways, not overriding the default gateway:

    Then I've setup a group that I called uplinkgroup :

    And finally created the firewall rule:

    To route everything coming on the LAN interface, through the uplinkgroup gateway.

    Now to my problems:

    The gateway status page seems to be random, some interfaces showing as down, some others as "gathering data" - while I can access the internet if going through pfsense:

    Also: using diagnostic > Ping, I was able (during previous experiments) to ping the following IP: (Google public DNS IP) using the KABEL interface - which wasn't even plugged in. I figured out that I had exactly that IP defined as a DNS server for one of my two DSL connections - and that this created a routing rule for all packets to to go out via that DSL connection. As I had also defined (before) as IP to ping to test connectivity for other interfaces, they would always appear on, even if the interface was off, as the packets would all go through the DSL interface for which was defined as DNS server.

    My main question is:
    Any idea why my gateways are not displayed as working?

  • hi
    my suggestion,

    • interface configuration
      DSL_A3 type - DHCP
      DSL_A4 type - DHCP
      Kabel    type - Static use

    • gateway tabs
      DSL_A3 Monitor IP -
      DSL_A4 Monitor IP -
      Kabel    Monitor IP - Global Gateway IP use

    • gateway groups
      DSL_A3 - Tier2
      DSL_A4 - Tier2
      Kabel    - Tier1

    can use the form.
    good luck

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