New Installation only works when WAN is off

  • I'm new to pfSense.  Giving it a shot with a Dell Precision 390.  It's up and working however I have to go through some odd ball steps to get it to work.  I'll explain.  For starters at the moment it is double NAT'ed because I'm getting it ready for an upcomming Charter install.  I'm behind an AT&T uverse router at the moment.

    The box boots fine and comes up to the screen. The Wan interface grabs and ip from the 2wire box just fine.  The LAN interface has the ip I gave it  I plug in my laptop into the lan side of things and it gets and ip address from the pfsense DHCP.  Great!  Well this is where the great stops.  I can't ping, and I can't access from the laptop, and I can't access the internet.  Ok this is where it gets weird.  If I unplug the WAN connection, reassign the interfaces to what they currently are, and see that the wan has I can browse through my network just fine.  I can ping (LAN) and I can access the pfsense web interface.  Once in the web interface I plug in the WAN again and it pulls an ip from the 2Wire router and I can browse the net just fine.

    So this works but it's a little to manual for a box that is going to be sitting in the basement.  My only thought is that pfsense is getting confused because both the wan and the lan are getting / using ips in 192.168.1.x.  I'm going to try and switch the lan to and see if there is an improvement.  I figure when Charter gets installed on Friday I can see for sure what is going on.

    I'd love to search for this on the forum but I don't really know how to put my problem into words.

    Thanks for taking a look.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes that's your problem. You can't have WAN and LAN on the same subnet.
    Though it's odd that it works at all.  :-\


  • Went home and tried it last night.  Everything is working as you would expect.  Thanks for the help.

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