Trying to add another WAN interface, but NIC not detected

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to add another connection to my pfSense firewall, which happens to be a 100Mbps internet connection. The server that I have pfSense installed on has a total of 6 network interfaces (all Intel Pro/1000). When I try to assign another interface to be used for this new connection, it only sees two (the ones I have designated for WAN and LAN). Is there anything I need to do to make sure the NICs on my server are visible to pfSense? In a normal FreeBSD environment, I'd just set "ifconfig_ <interface>up" in the rc.conf file or bring it up from the command line. How do I ensure the interfaces are all up in pfSense?</interface>

  • check the system log after boot to see if it's actually showing up, sounds like it's not for some reason.

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