Quad Gigabit Ethernet NIC with SFP

  • hey all, i ran across this little guy, i was looking all over not to long ago, and could not find a duel or quad port NIC with SFPs that was not 10Gbps


    when i got one i will post back if some one beats me too if please let us know how it do. ;D

    after looking more they have all kinds of crazy bad NICs

    looks like more there stuff is mods and custom work built on intel chips

  • Niagara 4NE4-76-S
    Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter with Cavium’s Nitrox IPsec and SSL acceleration technology
    neat i wonder if this would work in Pfsense?

    may have a little better thought than my via padlock 😉

  • Developer Netgate Administrator

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Cavium actually working with FreeBSD. Their “drivers” for recent versions of FreeBSD do not hook into the crypto(9) framework, if you can even get your hands on them.


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