Redirect and then allow original request squid

  • I was wondering if it was possible to redirect a url to another page with a message on but then allow the original url by clicking a link on the message page?

  • Dansguardian may have this ability with some changes on access denied page config options.

    While defining a group access, you can setup Temporary Denied Page Bypass value in seconds.

    This provides a link on the denied page to bypass the ban for a few minutes. To be secure it uses a random hashed secret generated at daemon startup.
    You define the number of seconds the bypass will function for before the deny will appear again.
    To allow the link on the denied page to appear you will need to edit the template.html or file for your language.
    300 = enable for 5 minutes

  • Thanks Marceelloc I'll have a look at dansguardian later..

    In squid is it possible to setup a temporary redirect so that that the first time a a user/ip tries a url they are redirected but subsequent access of the url are not redirected?

  • back to basics , In squid how do I actually create a custom redirect to went to for example, I can seem to get it working.

    Do I create a new targer category and add it to the common acl?

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