I need help to setup a complex multi wan and multi network

  • Hi

    I am quite new to pfSense and would need help to setup quite complex network.

    It would have 4 ISPs and 4 networks and 4 pfSense firewall/routers.

    What I would like to accomplish:

    • Network 1, Network 2 and Network 3 would share the bandwidth of their own WAN connection in a way that they would priories their own WAN connection for their own network traffic and if spare bandwidth is available other networks can use it.

    • The sharing of bandwidth between networks 1-3 works is over a WLAN network/link.

    • Network 1, Network 2 and Network 3 should be firewalled to not see eachothers PC:ees

    • All networks should work even if others go down. (if Network 1 goes down, bandwidth sharing does not need to be working between network 2 and network 3)

    • also bandwidth sharing between networks 2 and 3 is not mandatory.

    • Network 1 and Network 4 would need to be able to talk to each other (connected true VPN)

    • Connection tunnel between network 1 and network network 4 would be split to multiple connections so it can use the bandwidth of all ISP1, ISP2 and ISP3 connections.

    Can the MULTI WAN work when the other WAN:s are true WLAN links after another pfSense machine

    Can MULTI WAN work simultaneously for 3 networks?

    Can the WAN link work with public IP got via DHCP or does it need to be static public ip? Can a static NAT:ed private IP work?

    Can the VPN tunnel be splitted to multiple connections to gain more speed? Does it work even for a single WAN (split it to multiple tcp/udp etc… connections)?

    How can I make this work with pfSense?

    What I want to have is it possible with pfSense? If not can this be done some other way?
    ![network desing.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/network desing.PNG)
    ![network desing.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/network desing.PNG_thumb)

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