Ssh tunnel pfsense and putty internet share

  • Hi,

    I want to create a tunnel between pfsense ssh server(activated from advanced) and putty.
      SSH server is activated on pfsense machine 2.0.1 based on pc platform, it's working great, i specify that i want to use it on wan incoming connections through exterior ip or of course with one dynamic dns, but not this is the problem.
      I'm connected with putty, i 'm logged in with pas and username, but what are exactly setting in putty/browser to start tunneling, proxy/socks settings ? i mean on computer that is client with putty is a proxy that not allows internet only intranet, there are other settings in pfsense to start tunneling working like i mentioned above or where i'm wrong ?

    Thanks in advace !

  • For socks proxy:
    Putty: Connection->SSH->Tunnels
    Source port: 8080 or whatever
    Destination, none
    Select Dynamic
    Press Add and Apply

    For browser(firefox)
      Set proxy manually
      Select proxy radio button and filling: localhost and 8080 as port, click few times ok

    I personally use foxy proxy addon for quick switching between proxies.

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