PfSense on a laptop

  • Well, in my quest for a cheap, quiet and energy efficient pfSense box, I've decided to put my old IBM T20 laptop (with no LCD) to use as my router/firewall. (P3 Mobile 700MHz, 384MB RAM)

    I booted up with the LiveCD just to make sure the 3 interfaces were recognized, which they were (em0, ep0, ath0).

    My main question is in regards to the PCMCIA cards, has anyone had issues with the throughput?  With my current setup (P3 800, PCI 10/100 nic's) I can hit about 40MB/s between two wired interface.  I'm planning to use the mini-PCI nic and a PCMCIA nic and wireless nic.

    Regardless, I'll try it out this weekend and report back.

  • I can't say that I've ever done any testing, but PCMCIA shouldn't provide any performance limitations with a 700 MHz CPU. Your CPU is likely to be your first bottleneck, probably somewhere around 60-100 Mb.

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