Adding a custom dyndns server

  • Is it possible to enter a dynamic dns server by hostname or ip-address and select the protocol to use?

    I am asking this because i am trying to run my own dynamic dns service because i am tyred of the constant need to login to keep the account active.
    For this i need a dyndns style client pointing to my owned remote server.

    Any help would be welcome.

  • If you use the pfSense DNS forwarder perhaps you could use the pfSense Dynamic DNS support and add a host override so that an access to the chosen DynamicDNS server goes to the server of your choice rather than the "real" server.

  • Thanks for the hint.

    It is working in a dirty and crude way and i am able to proceed with testing.
    The request to is rerouted to my server ip but because of the faulty hostname the request is served from the default server rather instead of the planned domain.

    To be fully in bussiness i need the location and name of the configuration file(s) to change the server to send the request to.
    Even better would be the possibillity to add another client where the hostname can be freely adjusted.

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