Program Automatic Reboot System Pfsense

  • **Hello

    I want know, if as IPCOP, in PFSENSE can be programmed automatic reboot system. I want my system was
    reboot automatic once a week to them 02:00am.

    For some probably it looks like a bilge, but I see it very useful, since this way me vito to have to do it manually.

    I wait for news. A greeting.**

  • There's no way to do this in the GUI. There's no sense in scheduling a reboot, people have pfsense installs with over a year of uptime, using alpha versions that are riddled with bugs though none that affect those particular installs.

  • 444 days is my biggest uptime (just checked, 2 machines of a carp cluster). You can schedule tasks by adding them to the schedules section in the config.xml (download it and have a look at the very bottom of that file). Add your reboot command there, upload it again and it will trigger the reboot. Not sure why you need it though.

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