Accessing Website with IP

  • Hello;

    I have pfsense in place and I have one webserver behind it.

    I can view all the websites I've got without problems via the domain name.

    I have a host header setup on one site that is just the IP.

    I cannot view this site by entering just the IP in IE.

    If I take pfsense out of the loop the site loads immediately.

    What could be the issue?

  • What did you configured on pfsense to reach this server?

    Just rules?
    Reverse proxy  server?

  • I am using 1:1 nat and it created the rule.

    The websites all load fine when using the domain name. So everything is forwarded ok I would think.

  • I have a host header setup on one site that is just the IP.

    let me guess…

    you have a host header to ie ip, but not for public ip you have published the service, this way when iis receive a request it does not match with current assigned ip and host header.

  • The domains are all pointing to the same ip and they work fine.

    If I bypass pfsense and plug directly into the server the website will load with just the IP in the address bar.

    Something within pfsense is blocking my site from loading using just the IP.

    It has nothing to do with the configuration of the server since it works perfectly fine without pfsense.

  • Just in case, change pfsense protocol to https and change listen port to 8443 for example.

    Also check if there is no other nat rule to the same wan port.

    check IIS logs to see error details

  • Hello;

    I had my host header set to the external IP address.

    Once I setup a host header for my internal lan address, the site loaded fine.

    So thanks for the help its all working now.

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