Rpcapd wokring on pfSense

  • Hi to all wire-sharkers.

    The winpcap (windows network sniffer driver) has a nice utility called rpcapd, this utility enables running wireshark on one machine while pulling the sniffed traffic from a remote machine running rpcapd.

    Following the linux guides on the matter (and tweaking it a bit) I managed to compile a working pfsense 2.0.1 rpcapd static binary (amd64 version, I can also produce the 32bit easily).
    The nice thing about rpcapd is that it automatically takes his traffic out of the sniffed traffic, so you don't need to always add the filtering like you do when you're using tcpdump over SSH tunnels.

    As I have no experience in PHP or pfSense package development, I would like to see if someone is willing to help on creating a package to in addition to the internal pfsense packet capture (which is very limited) to allow the running and control of the rpcapd daemon.


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