IBM xSeries 345 Server Raid troubles

  • Hello;

    I'm using an IBM xSeries 345 Server for running pfsense.

    I've got two 18gig drives in a raid 1 configuration.

    A few times now the GUI will constantly log me out, sometimes with an error written at the top. Eventually the GUI fails to load at all.

    When this happens I always discover the second drive has an orange light on. And the console is spitting out many hard drive error messages.

    I've swapped out the second drive for known good ones, at which point the GUI start behaving normally again.

    But this keeps happening. 4 times now in two weeks of testing pfsense.

    Will pfsense not run properly on this server? I think it is interacting with the raid controller improperly and causing the hard drive errors.

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    Try with the 1.2.3 image of Pfsense. They work on the 345

  • This has happened to me a few times and pfsense always recovers from it fine.

    However this time it deleted all my port forwards and 1:1 nat settings…  >:(

  • I am going to try it again with a different raid card.

    I think pfsense is trying to control the built in card when it should just leave it alone.

  • I've popped in a 6i raid card and threw in another 4 drives.

    So now it's running in raid 5ee config.

    All seems well but I will update on the first sign of trouble.

  • It's been a couple of days without incident.

    So it looks like there's some incompatibility issues with the stock scsi raid in the 345s.

    The 6i is working fine though.

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