Load Balancing great differential

  • Hello All,

    pfSense-1.2.3-RELASE  x 2
    IPsec vpn site to site
    Load Balancing

    ISP  1   6 mb Dl     1.5 mb UL
    ISP  2   1.5 mb DL   1.5 mb UL

    On both of our pfSense boxes it appears the default ISP/WAN transfers downloads at a much greater value than WAN2 connection via RRD graphs as well as the actual DL cumulative amount over a givern period of time.
    For example the greatest amoung the WAN2 ever downloads is about 500 kb's.
    I have played with putting two entries in the load balancing config for one or the other ISP and this appears to make no diffence in the RRD graphs
    rather than ramble on I will attach three screen shots.
    2 of each WAN graph
    1 of the load balaning fail over config

    Thank You,

  • One more screenshot for above post:

  • Just a headsup, you forgot to cover the address in the bottom taskbar  ;)

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