Cloudflare Dynamic DNS?

  • Hello pfSense community!

    I've been enlightened by a free cloud-based CDN and DNS host recently called CloudFlare. Long story short, at home I have a couple of servers running and currently have a static IP. For reasons we don't yet understand, it's becoming very difficult to find decent internet with a static IP address in Canada (long story…).

    As a result, I started looking at using a dynamic DNS to update my public IP address via Cloudflare but noticed it is not in the list of providers there. In fact, years ago I was doing this via DynDNS and found that it is still running to this day without my knowledge!

    This is the page where CloudFlare mentions that they have an API that uses DDClient:

    Presumably this is currently what is used for the other providers on the list, is this correct? If so, what kind of work would it take to make Dynamic DNS work with Cloudflare?


  • pfSense already supports a number of Dynamic DNS providers including DynDNS so the DynDNS support could probably be fairly easily replicated to support CloudFlare.
    pfSense also DNS-O-matic which can issue updates to a number of different Dynamic DNS providers and their web page ( indicated they are open to support more. Why not talk with them about supporting CloudFlare Dynamic DNS?

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