IPSEC: Hub and many spokes

  • Some info:

    Office network : 192.168.1.x
    Hub:  10.87.1.x
    Remote Spoke 1 : 10.87.2.x

    I have a hub setup at our data center (cisco 3800 series router). And we have pfsense at the office, we also have a secondary data center that also connects to the hub (another 3800 series router).

    The office cannot talk to the remote spoke (obviously, it doesn't know about it).

    What is the proper method for setting up communication between the spokes?  (we need 192.168.1.x to talk to 10.87.2.x)

    I've read about a second phase two mapping, but no configuration information, just the suggestion that creating one would solve the problem.

    Any help would be appreicated.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As you read elsewhere, a second Phase 2 on each leg is needed. Here is an example:

    IPsec A
    h.h.h.h/24 -> a.a.a.a/24
    b.b.b.b/24 -> a.a.a.a/24

    IPsec B
    h.h.h.h/24 -> b.b.b.b/24
    a.a.a.a/24 -> b.b.b.b/24

    Site A IPsec
    a.a.a.a/24 -> h.h.h.h/24
    a.a.a.a/24 -> b.b.b.b/24

    Site B IPsec
    b.b.b.b/24 -> h.h.h.h/24
    b.b.b.b/24 -> a.a.a.a/24

    And so on. Add a phase 2 for each possible set of traffic src/dst network pairs.

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