Pkg_add manually does not show up in web GUI

  • Hello All,

    I am in the process of building a backup pfSense-1.2.3-RELASE machine to have on hand in case our current running pfSense box should die. I know, i should be migrating to pfSense-2.x. I have to run the current machine untill school year ends.
    It appears that HAVP package for 1.2.3 version is not correct in the package manager. It shows 0.91 but in file list the latest version is 0.88. So,, I try and add HAVP with pkg_add /fullpathname.
    the package downloads all dependecies as it should and after what looks like an succesful install the HAVP package never shows up in "Installed Packages" or the web GUI.
    Is there command(s) I need to run after installation of the actual package.
    BTW: I will be going to version 2.x about July end!

    Thank You,

  • If you add a package manually with pkg_add then this will never appear in the GUI.

    System -> Packages:
    Available packages are the packages which you can install on your system. If you installed them by clicking the "+" icon then you can find it in installed packages.

    Any changes you made from console, adding packages manually and so on will not be visible in the GUI.

  • Nachtfalke,

    Thank You for the info. Unfortunatley,,clicking on the + to add HAVP,,,within package manager,,does in fact start buts fails. I have tried for two days,,,there ar no remnants of HAVP at /usr/local/pkgs.

    As I stated earlier the version number showing in package manager is 0.91,,even for v 1.2.3 when in fact the version residing at files pfsense org is only 0.88 for 7/aka 1.2.3.

    I realize v 1.2.3 is pretty much outdated,and I am sure everyone should be running 2.x at this point.

    thank You,

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