New ALIX setup…which embedded image to use?

  • Ok so I've ordered an ALIX 2d2 board to replace my existing Pentium III setup and before it arrives I would like to have things ready for it.  I was looking at the ipv6 images and I wasn't sure which one to download.  Are these systems AMD or i386 based?  Also, I have to get a new CF card so should I get one that matches the name of the image (2 or 4)?

    Thanks for the help and looking forward to trying it out with one of these smaller units.


  • They're i386. Use the image that's the size of your CF card.

  • Hi just curious…can I use the standard 2.0.1 images and then gitsync to get ipv6 support with this platform?


  • gitsync can be hit and miss on nano. You can try it.

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