Wrong driver loaded (I need de0 but I'm getting dc0 instead)

  • Getting stuck with this for the last few days…. Used google extensively but cannot get it to work.
    I am running pfSense on some CompactPCI boards and want to add more network interfaces from the XNYX board.
    The de driver should do the trick but FreeBSD keep loading the dc driver.

    I have tried the following:




    Nothing works. I discovered freeBSD with pfSense.
    Thanks for any pointer


    PS Can you confirm that the de driver is included in the kernel.

  • device          dc              # DEC/Intel 21143 and various workalikes

    We include the above.  Not sure why it is not detecting that correctly.

  • ;D  ;D  ;D I still don't know how to get de0 to load, but it's not necessary. The ZNYX zx414 card seems to be working fine. I had to force the media to 100 Full and now it detects everything correctly.

    I also enabled the other 2 interfaces since I have read that soemtimes the ZNYX card wants ALL the interfaces to be configured. Between this and forcing the media it did the trick.

    These cards can be bought for about $15 on eBay (they are compact PCI though)

    Thanks guys for pfSense. It is really a very nice piece of work. I am more a Linux type of guy, but you convinced me to use freeBSD for my network devices. I just clocked my base cable connection at 9.98 Mb/s  (processor [PII-266 was 25% only)


  • Just a note if you have to hard code your ethernet speeds to check out:


    You can hard-code the speeds into the config.xml file but we do not provide a GUI knob for this due to the incredible amount of times this simple thing gets messed up resulting in any os being blamed :)