Upgrade from 1.1.3 (i know) to current and stuck packages.

  • Upgraded a firewall i found in place at a client and went from 1.1.3 to current (2.0.1 12/12)

    Long story short the update server was incorrect when it was installed.
    Problem now is everything is up and running fine, but when you log into the web gui you get a warning on the dash saying 'Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background. do not make changes to the GUI until this is complete.'

    That was thursday afternoon. Its nor monday morning and it still brings up this warning. I will reboot tonight after hours and see if it goes away, and i understand the upgrade was a massive jump, but is this common? I think the only packages are squid and ntop.
    Is there a way to check on the installing packages?

    side note, no packages with logging are enabled. the only services running are DHCP DNSmasq and NTPD (pretty typical in my book)

  • Tried out a command from user Jimp (thanks)


    Seemed to clear the flag, but ho can i verify that there isnt a problem with the packages installed? uninstall/reinstall them?

  • did you checked system-> packages to see what is installed?

    a gui shortcut to Jim's post about package unlock


  • Thanks for the reply. I will look into that.
    We went ahead and moved forward across the board with a DNS based content filter, it was a better business move in general. However it does look like overall the problem was Squid related, as Ntop was installed just fine. Ill dig into it when i have a little more time.

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