Specific (open)VPN question

  • Dear,

    Right now i have two pfsense boxes : one at home as router/firewall and one in the datacenter.  I have some public ip's from the datacenter that must go to my home pfsense (and to some vps servers at home) using an openvpn tunnel.

    At home i have a VDSL2 line with a fixed IP.  The traffic coming from the datacenter pfsense don't have to go to the firewall (so every port is "open") and only the traffic for these public ip's have to go to the tunnel.  Any other traffic have to use the VDSL2 line.

    How do i have to fix this "problem"?  Someone that can help me?
    First time setting up a pfsense to pfsense vpn solution…don't know what to expect :)

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