PfSense (VM) Topology / Questions

  • I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. I'm setting up an ESXi server and the pfSense will VM on this server. My current setup is as follows

    Internet -> Router (DHCP) -> Switch -> LAN

    Now, this is what I think it should be

    Internet -> pfSense (Router, DHCP) -> Router (Wifi AP only) -> Switch -> ESX/LAN

    My only issue with the setup above is that if my ESX goes down so does my Router (pfSense). What would be the easiest way to have my Router do the DHCP/Routing and just let pfSense do firewall/squid?

    Internet -> (WAN) Router (LAN) -> (WAN) pfSense (LAN) -> switch -> ESX/LAN

    How would the above get a WAN IP from my ISP?

  • I suggest you to create a new interface on pfsense and assign it to wifi.

    Internet –-- pfsense ----- lan
                        |----- wifi router

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