Basic Rate Limiting?

  • Hello,

    pfSense 2.0.1 install on a T3, I'd like to just rate limit the LAN/WAN interface to 44 Mbit so that the T3 never queues up, in a fair way that divides the available bandwidth evenly and back queues the aggressive connection… The LAN interface has VLANS on it, but was hoping that this was still possible.

    Without using a wizard I simply went in By Interface and selected the two interfaces (WAN and Private (VLAN interface)) and set them to 44Mbit with all other options as default.

    If I try to saturate the T3 I still see latency spiking up to over 1 second on a simple ping to the other side of the T3. Is there a better way to achieve this with 2.0.1?

    I was more confident with the 1.2.3 shaper but the 2.0 shaper is different and I'm still learning it.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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