ADSL Connection fix IP address UK MPoA

  • I'm writing here no for a discussion but for may help other people like me is looking for a solution in a special case.
    I'm living in UK and my company have a ADSL connection with a local company.
    After had installed the adsl months a go, in the firewall (NETGEAR FVX538) appear the pppoe connection.
    I tried some time a go install the pfsense firewall 2.0 without success, because the pppoe connection (WAN)
    DON'T PERMIT CONFIGURE WITHOUT USER AND PASSWORD, and this was my case. The provider don't gave to
    me a user and password. After a lot of tries, I gave up. Now we decide to install a new firewall (XTM 510 Watchguard).
    And guess.. I had the same problem. I can't configure a PPPoE connection without a user and password.
    After try to get some help of the provider I discover the way the MPoA works and it's very sample.
    Seems like only here in UK have this kind of connection. (I guess)
    It's only put the fixed address, netmask and gateway in the WAN connection like a normal router configuration.
    Sound strange to me, because the modem is configured like in a bridge mode, but is configured to use this particular protocol MPoA.
    And works.
    I hope this can help some one to don't buy a expensive firewall because the pfsense don't let configure a
    PPPoE without user and password.

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