1 way audio w/ SIP/RTP on remote client

  • I'm trying to figure out if this is is a config problem with the pbx bc it seems that pfsense is working as it should with all ports being forwarded statically w/o issue and nothing being blocked in the firewall.

    The extension 1004 works fine both ways as long as its on the lan
    Once connected to the pbx remotely (softphone) the phone rings when called and can dial another extension to make it ring. However neither party can hear anything, but their mics register sound (speakers dont). The remote client cannot initiate a regular call to POTS, although it should be able to.

    Everything seems to connect via port 5060 no problem and it appears rtp is bing NAT'd properly as well.

    I've included to the captures from registration to call to deregistration from the pbx, pfsense wan and lan, as well as the client nic. (rename the .txt file to .tar.gz and decompress)

    You will see status 404 not found, 489 bad event and 401 unauthorized in there, which is most likely  the problem that I cant wrap my arms around yet as everything seems to register just fine.

    Also, the capture file for the client side is smaller than that of the pfbox wan/lan and pbx. during tests the logs have been up to half the size as those from the pfbox and the pbx. you will also see too that the client basically never responds to any incoming RTP packets for some reason, client config problem?

    I get the same results regardless if I use static port mapping for outbound NAT or not. For the sake of debugging this, I left everything as static so the ports are easy to follow in the logs. Nothing is being blocked by the firewall or by the pbx as the ports are open and the remote ip whitelisted. I am also not using Siproxd either, im not sure if that is related to this issue

    Any ideas here are greatly appreciated!

  • Hi,

    I am wondering if you found a solution to this. I am facing the exact same problem.