Openvpn to lan NAT

  • Hi,

    i am trying to reach a server from the openvpnserver (which is not pfsense) through pfsense to a local LAN.
    The tunnel is up and running so that works.
    but the port forwarding from the opt1 (openvpntunnel) to the lan is not using the right interface.


    pfsense NIC opt1 has ip (he gets this from the vpntunnel)
    i have a lan connection with ip:

    now i am trying to reach a server with ip this way:

    from openvpn server I telnet to–> pfsense portforward from to -->

    when i run wireshark on I see packets from to

    is there a way that the source comes from instead of ?

    my nat settings:

    interface: opt1
    protocol: tcp/udp
    Destination: OPT1 address
    destination port range: 389
    redirect target ip:
    redirect target port: ldap
    nat reflection: use system default
    filter rule association: rule nat

  • found the solution.

    I set the NAT outbound mode from automatic to manual.
    created a new rule on the WAN interface where the source gets translated to destination

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