Slow youtube etc. movie buffering - why?

  • hi,

    like in the topic, i'am having problem with slow movies buffering in red ;) etc… while i'am on quite fast connection 30mbit.

    i'am running 2.0.1_release i386 with snort, squid, havp running. every package is the newest one from package list.

    dunno witch one which one slows down so much, it's loading really slow and even when it's loaded and when i skip some time ahead in that movie it's again buffering really slow.

    squid is set to not cache etc

    my pfsense box is hp t5720 with Athlon XP Geode 1GHz, 512MB ram, 8gb patriot pendrive (the one with quad memory, so it's fast enough), it's in normal case but i managed to put second NIC without riser expansion.

  • Who is the first proxy? squid or havp? did you tried to put squid ahead?

  • Squid is first, havp is set as parent for squid

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