Limit to 80/80 kbps for specific IP on LAN

  • Hi!

    I'd like to limit the speed to 80/80 kbps (download/upload) for a single host on the LAN (specified by IP-address).
    I see that some specify that you'd need 4 limiters to do this, but others suggest that it's enough with two.

    Can someone specify how to do this in 2.0.1? Do I need two rules, one where the IP is the source, the other with the IP as destination? What about In/Out for these rules?


  • Rebel Alliance

    You need 2 Limiters one for "Up" other for "Down" and 1 Rule on LAN

  • Thanks, I read the wiki, but it is not clear how you specify the IP-address in the rule. I need to specify the IP-address of the host I'd like the limiter to be used for, so should I specify the IP as source or destination?
    I can't specify both, so not sure how to set this up…

  • Rebel Alliance

    If you want to limit one of yor LAN users, you must create the rule in LAN, and set the rule with the IP of that user as "Source"

  • Ok, so that will work even for traffic going out from the LAN-interface with the host-IP as destination (downloads)?

  • Rebel Alliance

    You have 2 limiters: 1 for "IN = 80kbps" 1 for "OUT = 80kbps"

    You have 1 host  (User from your LAN) to limit, lets say it have IP

    Then you make a rule with Source = and with the "IN" & "OUT" Limiters applied, with this "ALL" traffic "From" & "TO" this IP will pass trough the Limiter and will be limited tou your desired bandwidth ( 80kbps / 80kbps)

  • Thanks, it seems to be working :-)

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