DLNA forward

  • Hi,

    I like to access my music and music video's on my Storsenter IX2-200 from outside my network.
    The NAS drive has a internal media server and streamings via DLNA/UPnP AV.

    I tried to find the ports to forward but the software on my iPad can't connect.
    On the local WiFi everything works fine, and the VPN is to slow to use…

    Can someone help me?


  • I don't know what ports to forward, but I wonder why the vpn is slow. Do you know? Is your CPU choking? Unless the CPU of one of your vpn endpoints is very anemic, running without a vpn doesn't seem likely to speed things up much if at all. My guess is that high latency or low throughput is to blame for slowness from outside your network.

  • Well, I think the CPU could be a bit better for VPN but it's the upload speed, it's not the fastest connection available. But the other software I used worked fine to stream the video over the internet, but that server is getting slow to convert and now I found something that works better but can't get it to connect :(

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