Postfix Forwarder "recipients from local file" not saved?

  • Great package!  I'm moving from a list of valid recipients manually entered in the table ( eg.  " OK") to a list updated automatically loaded from a file.  Entering the filename on the postfix forwarder GUI  "Get Valid recipients from local file" "Location" then clicking 'save' results in the filename being erased.  Nothing appears to have been processed. It's as if I didn't enter anything.  Using SSH I validate the file is permission 0444 and called /usr/local/etc/postfix/allowed_rxlist , it contains

    email1@address.domain OK
    email2@address.domain OK
    email3@address.domain OK

    Looking at the xml saved during a backup there is no reference to the 'location' field name in the postfix recipients section.

    Any ideas?


    Future: Since the php thing that reads a file into a variable can handle http://….  maybe allowing the cronjob to pull it periodically??  Have to change the 'file exists' test since that appears to be local only.


  • Thanks for your feedback. I'll check it.

    For now, paste your config on custom list.

  • Thanks!  Yes, I did that for a bit.  Between now and when you figure out what's going on with the  GUI I used the 'cron' package to fire off a job every hour that does a 'fetch' of the allowed file from an internal website, converts it to a postfix map, then reloads postfix in the manner the php would have done if it found the file.

  • Bump.  It gets worse…

    Not only does the postfix forwarder erase the relay recipient filename (try it, put a filename in, hit save and see field is erased when the save completes),  but also...

    Any time a user pushes 'save' in the GUI on the postfix screen, the relay recipient file is erased.  So, external processes that try to keep it updated have to refresh it frequently never knowing when the gui might erase it.

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