How can i move pfsense from usb flash to ide Compact flash card?

  • i would like to ask You guys how can i copy my pfsense with all installed stuff and settings, from usb pendrive to compact flash card? everything is super fine finally and i don't want to start from the beggining.. so how to copy 1:1? pendrive is 8gb, card will be 16gb

  • Safest way is probably to save your config, do a fresh install on the CF, then upload your config.

    That said, once you have a backup you could always try using something like dd to copy the bits straight across. For example (in Linux):

    dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc bs=1M

    Where /dev/sdb is the usb drive and /dev/sdc is the CF. Verify this with fdisk -l or some other reliable means, or risk doing something very bad.

    If that works, then there's still a possibility that pfsense will enumerate the new device differently than the old one, and fail to mount the root fs when booting. At that point you can manually point it to the correct device, and once booted, edit /etc/fstab to reflect the change.

    If any of that sounds confusing then you'd best stick to plan A of doing a fresh install and restoring the config.

    As an aside, how did you install pfsense on the USB drive? I never got it to work, but I haven't tried in several months.

  • Hmm, normally :) i didn`t have any drive inside, just usb pendrive. I"ve booted from another pendrive with memstick image couse my terminal does"t have odd

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