Two gateways in same network - is it possible?

  • Hi,

    I have two routers. One is ADSL and other is connected to a wireless provider. They are both into same network. Some computers in network are using gateway ADSL, others are using gateway that comes from wireless provider. Is it possible to have pfsense computer to act as one united gateway with load balancing and failover but not directly connecting those routers to wans of pfsense. Sofor example if i set one router, other, and pfsense as and set wan1 gateway of pfsense and wan2 And then just set gateways of my other netwrk computers to

    Thank You!

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    Is your ADSL Modem in Router Mode ?

    Is your Wireles CPE in router Mode ?

    Are you using VLANs in your Switch ?

  • both adsl and cpe are in router mode. switch is not using any vlans.
    all the network is subnet
    and all adresses are from -
    the switches are netgear gs748t smartswitch.

    so is there any solution that I can make pf sense do the load balancing but without phisically connecting cpe and adsl directly into pfsense wans?

  • Yes you can. Inbound traffic from the Internet would be problematic for one of the two because the reply-to will only be set to the gateway defined in that interface's configuration. Best to use separate NICs regardless.

  • Can anyone help me set up pfsense to work in this network so I can use it as load balancer and failover between wireles cpe and adsl.
    These are the settings of wireless and adsl:
    Wireless: Wan (dhcp), Lan ( DNS(
    Adsl : Wan (dhcp), Lan ( DNS (

    whole network is running on subnet mask, and range from -
    What I need is to set the network so all computers see each other. And I would like PFSENSE to be a gateway fo all computers with ip ( and that I can set DNS on computers

    Please dont forget that I cannon have physical connection to the adsl and wireless cpe but instead I must find them through network.(admin of pfsense said it is possible)
    Can someone help me set up pf sense form with all details. I did installation, and installed 1 lan and 2 wans.

    Thank You

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